100% in line with the trend

Whether elegant or sporty, on the beach or in the office – GOGANICS provide trendy colors, Italian design and perfect fit. With GOGANICS you go your natural way and you do it with responsibility towards nature.

Salesprices are for one colour EUR 24,95 incl.VAT 19%,
for Bicolour Trend EUR 27,95 incl. VAT 19% and for Bicolour EUR 29,95 incl. VAT 19%.

- biodegradable, - compostable,
- eco-friendly

GOGANICS are manufactured ethically fair from the materials used to manufacturing and sale. We ensure shortest possible transport and delivery routes as well as an ecological and socially correct production. Therefore GOGANICS are reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and for that reason the greenhouse effect. GOGANICS are 100% biodegradable according to the ISO standard and do not produce waste but become valuable humus soil. At the same time GOGANICS have the equal durability as conventional flip-flops.

Made in Europe